Congratulations to our Spring 2017 Graduates

Congratulations to our Spring 2017 Graduates from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering

For a full list of Spring 2017 graduates, visit this page.

CSE to host UNT Summer Programs

The UNT Computer Science and Engineering Department will host a number of summer programs for students who are in 8th-12th grades.

  • GenCyber Camps

    • The "UNT GenCyber Summer Program: Inspiring the Next Generation of Cyber Stars in North Texas" is directed by Dr. Takabi and Dr. Akl and jointly funded by the National Security Agency (NSA) and the National Science Foundation (NSF). The goal of this summer camp is to help students understand correct and safe on-line behavior, increase diversity and interest in cybersecurity and careers in the cybersecurity workforce of the Nation. Please see this link for more information.

  • UNT CyberSecurity Camps

    • In addition, there will also be cybersecurity camps hosted at UNT's New College at Frisco. For more information, please visit this page.
  • UNT Robotics & App Programming Camps

    • The robotics and app programming camp is also being provided this summer, with sessions in Denton and Frisco. For more info on those camps, please see this link.
CSE Students present capstone projects at Design Day on April 28

Undergraduate students in capstone classes from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering will present their senior design projects at the UNT College of Engineering’s Design Day on Friday, April 28. CSE students will present their project posters in the hallway in front of the CSE Department from 9 am to 11 am.

Following lunch, Computer Engineering projects for CSCE 4915 Computer Engineering Design II will be presented in B140 at 1:00 pm. Computer Science projects for CSCE 4901 Software Development Capstone will be presented in D212 at 1:00 pm. Information Technology projects for CSCE 4925 Information Technology Capstone II will be presented in D201 at 1 pm. Everyone is invited to attend!

April CSE Student and Alumni Newsletters

The April CSE Department newsletters have been sent. The CSE Student newsletter is online HERE and the CSE Alumni Newsletter is online HERE.

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Outstanding CSE Students for 2017

Congratulations to our 2017 Outstanding Students in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering!

Outstanding Doctoral Student in Computer Science and Engineering – Zhi Liu
Outstanding Master’s Student in Computer Engineering - Evan Rodrigues
Outstanding Master’s Student in Computer Science - Sreedevi Koppula
Outstanding Teaching Fellow in Computer Science and Engineering – Joseph Helsing
Outstanding Teaching Assistant in Computer Science and Engineering – Nishitha Guntakandla
Outstanding Senior in Computer Engineering - Chukwuebuka Nwankwo
Outstanding Senior in Computer Science - Dralia Tulley-Patton
Outstanding Senior in Information Technology – Olivia Hughes
Outstanding Junior in Computer Engineering - Charles Goff
Outstanding Junior in Computer Science - Daniel Merlino
Outstanding Junior in Information Technology – Brandon Hastings
Outstanding CSE Department Sophomore – Luis Alba
Outstanding CSE Department Freshman – Chris Jones

These CSE students were recognized at UNT Honors Day on April 21, 2017.

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UNT Computer Science: 45 Years of Changing Lives and Technology

In 1977 Apple Computers released the first personal computer with color graphics, the first modem for home users hit stores and Willie Barber graduated from the University of North Texas with a master’s degree in Computer Science. He was part of the very first class to graduate from that program.

More than 20 years after Barber graduated from UNT, Greg Thurman got his bachelor’s degree in computer science. By 1998, computers were common in homes but a new technology was emerging.

By 2016, UNT was seeing a generation of students who didn’t know a world before computers, tablets had taken over and social media had become part of everyday life. That was the year Tyseanah Spell graduated with her computer science degree.

Together, these alumni tell the enduring story of UNT’s computer science program.

UNT computer science alumni
UNT Computer Science Alumni (left to right) Willie Barber, Greg Thurman and Tyseanah Spell.