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Giving to CSE

Advances in computing have dramatically changed our lives over the past generation and almost all of the technological innovations in the 21st century will continue to have computing as their centerpiece. In the UNT Computer Science and Engineering Department, intelligent systems researchers are working in areas from designing computer game technologies to provide an enhanced entertainment experience, to developing computational systems which can forecast the spread and containment strategies for infectious diseases. Processing of human language facilitates automated understanding of text on the world-wide web and in documents, and enables the development of communicative robots to provide companionship to the elderly, disabled or psychologically depressed.

CSE department computer systems researchers are developing the science and engineering for the next generation of computers to enable high performance processing of massive computation and data management that supports almost every other scientific and many non-scientific disciplines. CSE department security researchers have contributed to making UNT one of 36 universities nationwide to be designated by the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security as a National Center for Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Research.

Gifts to CSE will help bring our department to a level of national and international prominence in computing by supporting the hiring and retention of top faculty through professorships, by attracting the best undergraduate and graduate students through competitive fellowships, and by making sure our equipment and facilities stay current and available to all our students. Every gift counts, especially in today's economic climate.

To give to CSE, please visit and search for Computer Science. Then you will see two funds: the Computer Science and Engineering Excellence Fund and the Computer Science and Engineering Scholarships. Please select one of those two funds for your donation. Thank you for supporting the Department of Computer Science and Engineering with your gift!