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For an always up-to-date list of our graduate courses, please visit the UNT Course Catalog.

For unorganized courses:
CSCE 2900, 4890, 4940, 4950, 5900, 5910, 5934, 6900 require a Topic Proposal/R53 form be completed before you register for the class.

The Topic Proposal/R53 form can be picked up in the main lobby of the CSE Department or you may print one off from the website.

Side One: Topic Proposal
The Course Title is Directed Study, Special Problems etc. . The faculty member that you are taking the course with will give you their section number. The narrative of the project MUST be filled in. The instructor will give you the permission number when they accept the project. Both the instructor and your Major Professor or Advisor will need to sign the form at the bottom. Dr. Akl and Dr. Buckles will be approving all R53 forms for the Undergraduate and the Graduate programs.

Side Two: R53
The title is NOT the course title. It is the title of the project you are doing. This is what will appear on your transcript describing what was studied under the Directed Study, Special Problems etc. You have 30 days to change or edit the title but you CAN NOT change the project. If the entire project changes you must do a complete new form. When you are deciding what you would like your title to be, please bear in mind that if it is more than 30 characters I will have to abbreviate the title. Please don’t do this to me!! Most of the titles are much longer than the 30 characters and as I do not have a background in Computer Science I hate to be the one to abbreviate your titles ... so be kind and make your title less than 30 characters. Thank you!!

If you are going to do a directed study with a professor other than your major professor, then you will need to get your major professors signature of approval as well. Communication is key!! If you have any questions or problems in filling out this form, please contact the CSE Graduate Coordinator at or pop on in and talk to me and I will help you with this. It’s a lot easier than it seems to fill out and it will be most beneficial for you to have this paperwork done.