Graduate Degree Plans


  1. Choose your degree plan that reflects your major and thesis option
  2. Log in with your UNT credentials. You will be directed to an empty degree plan. Fill out appropriately with your information, the classes you have taken, the classes you are currently taking, and the classes you will take
    1. Put the semester you have taken/will take the courses on your degree plan. Please use the Long Term Schedule Plan to coordinate all current and future courses.
    2. Make sure to put the appropriate grade and credit hours for each class. If you have not yet received a grade for a class, leave the respective grade section blank
    3. For students taking a thesis option degree plan, make sure to input your Major Professor
  3. Submit your correct and completed degree plan. Check for accuracy before submission. DO NOT submit more than one degree plan
  4. The department will review your degree plan. You will be notified if there are issues with it or if it has been fully approved. Allow 4-6 weeks for processing


  • Long Term Schedule PlanThe Long-Term Schedule helps students understand which courses are offered, when a specific course is offered, and where the course will be offered. Keep in mind, courses offered are subject to change each semester.
  • Graduate Degree Plan Changes Form: If you need to make changes to an approved degree plan, submit this form to 
  • Once you have submitted your degree plan, the form will be properly routed to the appropriate people for signatures. You do not need to contact any individuals about signatures or approvals
  • CPT/Internship, designated as CSCE5932, is a 1 credit hour course that does not count towards your overall program credit hours. You must complete 33 credit hours (nonthesis option) or 30 credit hours (thesis option) not including CSCE5932 (CPT/Internship)