Professional Master of Science in Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering offers a Professional Master of Science in Computer Science, with many of the classes taking place at UNT's Frisco campus.  Applications are being accepted.


The Professional M.S. in Computer Science is designed for experienced working professionals with at least 5 years of experience in industry and who want to build upon their expertise. Some classes are offered in 8-week sessions, during evenings, or online to allow for more flexibility. Students also can earn professional certifications along the way to earning their master’s degree to distinguish themselves as an expert in data science or cybersecurity.  

Professional M.S. in Computer Science

MS in Computer Science requires a minimum of 30 semester hours in Computer Science and Engineering courses, including 18 hours in one of the concentration areas described below and 12 hours of electives.

Concentrations and courses

Cybersecurity (18 credit hours)

Required courses:

  • CSCE 5550: Introduction to Computer Security
  • CSCE 5050: Applications of Cryptography
  • CSCE 5555: Computer Forensics
  • CSCE 5565: Secure Software Engineering
  • CSCE 5560: Secure Electronic Commerce
  • CSCE 5585: Advanced Network Security
Data Science (18 credit hours)

Required courses:

  • CSCE 5300: Introduction to Big Data and Data Science
  • CSCE 5310: Methods in Empirical Analysis
  • CSCE 5320: Scientific Data Visualization
  • CSCE 5350: Fundamentals of Database Systems

Select one text predictive analytics course:

  • CSCE 5200: Information Retrieval
  • CSCE 5290: Natural Language Processing

Select one other predictive analytics course:

  • CSCE 5215: Machine Learning
  • CSCE 5216: Pattern Recognition
  • CSCE 5380: Data Mining


Students also will take 12 semester hours taken from a list of approved 5000-level courses, preferably in Computer Science and Engineering, but up to two courses in related areas but offered by different departments may be approved.  See the PMCS academic advisor for approval.  


Please check the requirements for admission to all graduate programs.

The following additional admission materials are submitted online via the College of Engineering Document Upload Site:

  • essay – please share your career goals and how the PMCS program at UNT will help you achieve them.  Include qualifications that you feel distinguish your candidacy and will add value to the class;
  • two letters of recommendation (typically from a member of senior-level management and above);
  • resume (work/academic experience).

Please note that we will only hold your application for a limited period of time while we await these documents.  If documents are not uploaded to the site within a timely manner, the application will be denied as it will be considered incomplete.  If you have any questions regarding the documents, please email  


Students also have the option to obtain a certificate in either of the concentrations, which can be part of their degree or stand-alone professional development:

  • 2 classes = Bronze certification
  • 4 classes = Silver certification
  • 6 classes = Gold certification

Certifications can be earned by taking 2, 4, or 6 classes from the core in the desired concentration and be completed with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Learn more about EMCS

For more information, contact the CSE Graduate Coordinator at or (940) 565-4174, or fill out the following form.