Capstone Program

The Capstone Program in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering provides students with an opportunity to interact with industry partners to define, design, build and deploy real-world systems. The department provides a two-semester capstone experience in each of our three undergraduate major programs. These experiences integrate all of the technical knowledge and skills from their courses and internships, as well as providing valuable experience in team-building, project management, oral and written communications, and problem solving.

To see Capstone projects, please visit this College of Engineering Senior Design Capstone page.


Capstone Highlight: CirclesU

2022-2023 Team: Diego Solis, Tyler Schnitzer, Eduardo Mendoza, Luan (Andy) Le

2020-2021 Team: Pranjal Dhungana, Blake Becker

2019-2020 Team: Myles Edwards, Keith Armstrong, Corey Gendron, Ryan Gibeault, Kiefer Hardin