Graduate Course Scheduling

Course exceptions

Students are allowed ONE course exception outside their degree. Course exceptions are subject to change each semester. The Department recommends using your course exception later rather than earlier for easier course planning.  Below is a link to the Graduate Course Exceptions that are approved for each major. For your course exception to count towards your degree, you must submit your Degree Plan electronically (not handwritten) with your digital signature. For instructions on how to fill out your degree plan, refer to the degree plan webpage. ( You must contact the outside department for enrollment assistance since they verify if the course is offered or not.) Once your degree plan has been approved by the Toulouse Graduate School, your course exception will be counted towards your degree if you are enrolled in it. (Please be aware that course exceptions will count as an elective course and cannot be used to replace core courses.)

Graduate Course Exceptions

Degree Plans

Graduate Advisors


Long term schedule plan

The Long-Term Schedule Plan helps students understand which courses are offered, when a specific course is offered, and where the course will be offered. Keep in mind, courses offered are subject to change each semester.

Course Schedule Long Term Plan

How to find courses

The enrollment caps on courses are set at the physical capacity of the room. This means that caps will be higher, but that we have no way of allowing more people in the course later. Please register early and utilize the waitlist feature. Information on the waitlist feature can be found beginning on page 13 in this document.

Please note the location of the courses that you register for as some of our courses will meet on main campus, and that the schedules listed below include undergraduate courses.

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