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In the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, we provide educational programs that are high quality, academically challenging and career-enriching by maintaining a balance between theoretical and experimental aspects of information technology, as well as a balance between software and hardware concepts. The degrees further seek to provide curricula that serve the citizens and industrial organizations in the United States and Texas in general and those in North Texas in particular.



The priority deadline for the University of North Texas is March 1st. Students must apply to the university and once they have been admitted their application is forwarded to the College of Engineering for review.

For more detailed information, please visit College of Engineering Admissions page


Degree Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Information Technology

Bachelor of Science with Major in Computer Engineering

Bachelor of Science with Major in Computer Science

Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity

Bachelor of Science in GIS + CS

Minor in Computer Science

Minor in Cybersecurity

GradTrack for Undergraduate Students

ABET Information


Certificate Programs

Artificial Intelligence Certification

Certificate in Game Programming

Computer Science Teacher Certification 


Cybersecurity Certificate Programs

CSE Undergraduate Cybersecurity Certificate

  • Offered by our CSE Center for Information & Cybersecurity (CICS)
  • Sponsored by the National Security Agency (NSA) & Department of Homeland Security
  • This certificate is ONLY available to B.S. in Computer Science majors 

Security Certificate

  • Offered by the University of North Texas
  • Undergraduate students can request this certificate to be added to their degree plan by an academic advisor
  • This certificate will appear on the student's transcript upon graduation
  • This certificate is open to ALL majors - in accordance with UNT Catalog requirements


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The Computer Science and Engineering Department occupies 40,443 square feet at the UNT Research Park located at 3940 N. Elm Street in Denton, TX. Approximately 29% of the space is devoted to faculty and staff office and conference space, 17% is department-dedicated teaching laboratories, and the remaining 54% is for Data Processing and research laboratory space, which includes office areas for teaching and research assistants. The department also shares a number of general purpose classrooms with other departments in the College of Engineering.

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering maintains several computer systems that are dedicated to research and education.

Students are given access to a group of hosted virtual machines running Ubuntu Linux which provide general purpose computing via remote SSH connectivity. An Apache web server and a MySQL database server are also made available as part of this environment.

Three teaching laboratories, used primarily for programming courses, house 30 Dell desktop computers each. These labs provide a Microsoft Windows-based learning environment for introductory computer courses and other course topics as needed. The Help Lab is also equipped with four machines of the same configuration. There are also teaching labs for embedded systems, networking and security, wireless communication and senior design.

Research lab space includes space for the Centers for Computational Epidemiology and Response Analysis, Information and Cybersecurity, and Net-Centric Software, as well as 13 research labs dedicated to faculty and student research.