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Course Schedules

The enrollment caps on courses are set at the physical capacity of the room. This means that caps will be higher, but that we have no way of allowing more people in the course later. Please register early and utilize the waitlist feature. Information on the waitlist feature can be found beginning on page 13 in this document.

Please note the location of the courses that you register for as some of our courses will meet on main campus, and that the schedules listed below include undergraduate courses.

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Graduate Courses

For an up-to-date list of graduate courses, please visit the UNT Course Catalog.

For unorganized courses: CSCE 2900, 4890, 4940, 4950, 5900, 5910, 5934, 6900 require a Topic Proposal/R53 form be completed before you register for the class.

The R-53/Topic Proposal form can be picked up in the main lobby of the CSE Department or you may print one off from the website.

Side One: Topic Proposal
The Course Title is Directed Study, Special Problems etc. The faculty member that you are taking the course with will give you their section number. The narrative of the project MUST be filled in. The instructor will give you the permission number when they accept the project. Both the instructor and your Major Professor or Advisor will need to sign the form at the bottom. Mr. Keathly and Dr. Albert will be approving all R53 forms for the Undergraduate and the Graduate programs.

Side Two: R53
The title is not the course title. It is the title of the project you are doing. This is what will appear on your transcript describing what was studied under the Directed Study, Special Problems etc. You have 30 days to change or edit the title but you cannot change the project. If the entire project changes, please do a complete new form. When deciding what the title should be, please keep it at 30 characters or less. Going over the character count will require staff edits and may inadvertently change the meaning of the project’s title.

If you are going to do a directed study with a professor other than your major professor, then you will need to get your major professors signature of approval as well. Communication is key!! If you have any questions or problems in filling out this form, please contact the CSE Graduate Administrative Assistant at or stop by the CSE offices.  

Maintaining Graduate Standing

All graduate students are expected to make satisfactory progress toward a degree. An overall B average must be maintained, and two courses per year (not previously attempted) must be completed or evidence submitted showing activity in thesis or dissertation work.

For the M.S. Degree, all requirements must be completed within six years from the date of admission. Students accepted in the Ph.D. program must be admitted to candidacy within three or five years from their date of admission to the Ph.D. program depending on whether or not the student already has a Master's degree. After admission to candidacy, all requirements, including the dissertation and the final oral exam, must be completed within five additional years.

Any provisionally admitted student who fails to fulfill the requirements specified at admission or any student who for two successive semesters fails to maintain at least a B average will be dropped from the program, unless after a review of the student's overall record, it is the opinion of the Graduate Committee that the student has demonstrated sufficient potential to pursue the graduate program successfully. In this case, probationary status will be granted for one semester.

Graduate Resources

CSE Graduate Handbook