Centralized Environment for Linux Labs (CELL Machines)

The new CELL Machines have been designed to remedy the problems that existed in the old CSE Machines.  They now have much more storage space, ram, processing power, and are also running a modern 64 bit OS.

The new server names that students and faculty will be connecting to are:







Additionally, new a database server was created for classes that make use of databases.  As with the old system, faculty will need to request databases to be created for their classes.  For this, please submit a class roster with name, ID number, and euid to cengsupport@unt.edu.

The data base server address is:

  •                 CELLDB-CSE.ENG.UNT.EDU

Login for students will remain the same as the old system, depending on the terminal application being used you can connect with ‘ssh euid@cell01-cse.eng.unt.edu’ (replacing euid with your euid, and cell01 with their server of choice). Login for faculty will be slight different.  To login, faculty will need to specify ‘ssh unt\\euid@cell01-cse.eng.unt.edu’ as their login information to ensure that their account is using the UNT domain account.  Again, this may change slightly depending on your terminal application of choice.

If accessing the servers from an on campus computer, logging in through terminal should be all that is required.  All users will need to be using the Campus VPN Client in order to connect to these servers from off campus.