Computer Science and Engineering Organizations

University of North Texas ACM Student Chapter is organized and will be operated exclusively for educational and scientific purposes to promote the following:

  1. An increased knowledge of and greater interest in the science, design, development, construction, languages, management and applications of modern computing.
  2. Greater interest in computing and its applications.
  3. A means of communication between persons having an interest in computing.

President: Md Khorrom Khan
Advisors: Dr. Stephanie Ludi

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Application Development is an organization that allows students to obtain hands on experience in the world of computer science outside of the normal learning environment. Students of all levels and majors come together to participate in an agile development work environment to develop an app of our choosing. Throughout the semester we incorporate workshops, coding competitions, and guest speakers into our club's weekly agenda.

President: Isabel Wells
Vice-President: Sophia Drewfs
Secretary: Mary Plana
Treasurer: Lucas de Castro
Advisors: Dr. Mark Thompson

The CSCE Club provides a place for students to talk about computer science, learn from each other, and learn from other people!
A few incentives of joining the Club include:
  •  Lectures from guest speakers.
  •  Workshops.
  • Events and competitions.
  • No requirements for joining.
  • Projects such as building your own website, making your own videogames, and much more!
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Our Instagram and Twitter handles are: @untcsceclub

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President: Megan McAdams

Advisor: Dr. Sanjukta Bhowmick

UNT’s Cyber Security Club provides students with an opportunity to learn about the concepts and techniques of Information Security paired with the chance to network with current security professionals in the North Texas regions. We are currently involved with volunteering at the North Texas chapter of Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) and the Dallas chapter of Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). These students get to attend these professional organization events and network with professionals. Several of our students have received internships and job offers because of volunteering at these events. We compete at several national InfoSec competitions including both the National Cyber League (NCL) and the Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (CCDC). The training received as a result in completing this competitions help provide students with the knowledge and experience to pass various InfoSec certifications like Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and CompTia’s Security+. Our club is designed to help students with the knowledge, experience, and networking opportunities required to jump start a great career in Information Security.

President: Kieron Yin
Vice-President: Syed Badruddoja
Advisors: Dr. Kirill Morozov

Our mission is to promote interest in the emerging field of Data Science and to represent student needs and wants regarding events, computational resources, facilities, etc.
The organization provides a competitive, scientific, and technical environment that encourages students and researchers to leverage their data science skills, knowledge, and qualifications; as required by both industry and academic sectors.
Additionally, it helps students find suitable Data Science related careers by hosting relevant events that connect students with potential employers in the field. Last but not least, the Data Science organization has a goal to make the UNT Data Science program recognized nationally and worldwide.

President Cheran Ratnam
Advisors: Dr. Daniella Smith & Dr. Ting Xiao
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The Deep Blue-tech Startup Club will help graduate students in AI and CS in general to meet and discuss how the technology we study are making it to market. We will discuss the current startups and learn from their failures and success. We hope that we will create an inspiring environment for like-minded students that may lead to bigger collaborations after the graduation. Deep Blue will aim to invite inspiring speakers from tech and venture capital world. Ideally, this club will help the student to form their technological ideas into a possible business plan or give a reasonable explanation why that is not a viable idea.

President: Poli Nemkova
Advisors: Dr. Mark V. Albert

Twitter: DeepBlue Startups (@DPstartups) / Twitter

Engineers United is an organization whose goal is to facilitate communication and collaboration between engineers and Engineering organizations via our official UNT Discord server, annual hackathons, and other social events.

Our Discord server allows students to get involved in many organizations by providing centralized communication between members that is both accessible and organized. Any Engineering organization can request to be represented on the Discord server.

Every year Engineers United hosts a hackathon called HackUNT. This event is a 24-hour development marathon aimed at promoting innovation and collaboration. During the 48 hours, teams of 3-4 people come together to create software or hardware solutions to real world problems in attempt to win prizes.

To join our Discord server, visit, and check out HackUNT at!

Advisors: Dr. Ryan Garlick

Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) is the international honor society for Electrical and Computer Engineers. Outstanding persons are elected to Eta Kappa Nu primarily from the junior and senior classes of accredited undergraduate programs. Graduate Students and distinguished professional engineers are also eligible. Eligibility, naturally, must depend on marked ability, as evidenced by scholarship, personal character, useful voluntary services, and distinguished accomplishments, all of which indicate that the candidate will be or is a success in his or her profession.

Eta Kappa Nu has a far broader purpose than merely to award a badge of distinction to scholars. As conceived by its founders and as carried forward by its membership during more than two generations, another aim is to assist its members throughout their lives in becoming better professionals as well as better citizens. In turn, it is still another purpose of the organization, that its members be a constructive force, helping fellow members and non-members alike to improve the standards of the profession, the courses of instruction, and the institutions generally where its chapters are established.

Some of the awards and activities include:

  1. Outstanding Electrical Engineering Senior
  2. Outstanding Young Electrical Engineer
  3. Outstanding Professor Award
  4. Outstanding Chapter Award
  5. National Student Leadership Conference
National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)
Mission statement: “To increase the number of culturally responsible Black engineers who excel academically,
 succeed professionally, and positively impact the community.” 


  1. Expand your network
  2. Resume/ Cover letter workshops
  3. Guest panels and interactive meetings
  4. Fun events like NSBE’s annual co-hosting of engineering soccer tournament and NSBEhack
  5. Regional and national conferences
    President: Alyissa Sanders
    Vice President: Olanrewaju Akande
    Advisor: Dr. Aloysius Attah 
    Twitter: @UNT_NSBE
    Instagram: untnsbe

For The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers at UNT (SHPE), go to

For Society of Women Engineers (SWE), go to

President: Jessica Rider
Advisors: Dr. Stephanie Ludi

UNT Robotics is a broad engineering student organization at the University of North Texas.

They focus on developing students' skills in engineering & robotics, which involves a range of beginner workshops, industry talks, robotics-based hackathons, recreational projects and competitions.

President: Alex Ferguson
Vice President: Sebastian King
Tyler Adam Martinez: Treasurer
Secretary: Lauren Caves
Advisors: Mr. David Keathly

The Mission of Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE) is to recognize excellence in both graduate and undergraduate studies in the Computer Science and Engineering.

The Association sponsors programs and activities to:

  1. Enable outstanding students to obtain recognition of superior educational achievement in the computer sciences,
  2. Assist in maximizing the personal and professional growth of students in UPE by financially supporting scholarships and other creative endeavors that include discovery, integration and application knowledge,
  3. Establish significant partnerships with other constituencies interested in supporting and promoting high-quality computer science education,
  4. Seek opportunities to expand individual and chapter activities into new environments.

Student Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery’s Women in Computing supports, celebrates, and advocates internationally for the full engagement of women in all aspects of the computing field, providing a wide range of programs and services to ACM members and working in the larger community to advance the contributions of technical women.

President: Namratha Urs
Faculty advisor: Dr. Renee Bryce