Undergraduate Internships

***International Students Only:

Speak with International Advising FIRST, they would be able to tell you if this would be acceptable per your visa. This is essential as you could be sent home if you do not follow the rules. 

  •  After you apply in Handshake, you should begin to complete the CPT forms.   It is very important that information on all three forms matches the Handshake application and the offer letter. 
    • Student Information form – You need to complete all areas of the form and sign at the bottom.
    • Academic Advisor form – You need to complete all areas of the form.  The academic advisor is NOT your major professor.  The academic advisor for the Undergraduate program is Mr. Keathly.  Please bring or send this form to Evin Shivers at (evin.shivers@unt.edu) in order to obtain Mr. Keathly's signature.
      • Once the form is signed, Evin Shivers will return the form to you.
    • Employer form – You need to complete the top two portions of the form.  The employer will complete the bottom portion and sign.  ***

All Students including International Students:

  1. Review the Syllabus for CSCE 4920. This explains the course description; make sure you agree to its terms. Make sure that you understand that the course is only 1 credit hour.
  2. If you would like an additional credit, you can enroll in CSCE 4890, directed study.
    • Talk with Engineering Advising about directed study credit.
    • You must find an instructor to work with. You may want to consult an instructor you have previously worked with or taken a class with.
  3. Visit the Career Center's webpage, UNT Internship Webpage and Handshake for further explanations and job opportunities.
    • Contact: Make an appointment on Navigate (unt.navigate.eab.com) with your internship specialist or career coach at the Career Center for a resume review, internship search assistance, or interview preparation.
  4. Apply for internships in Handshake other job board sites, or on individual company websites.
  5. Go to the CSCE Enrollment Assistance form for a Permission Code.
  6. After receiving and accepting an internship offer, submit an experience request on Handshake for approval.
  7. Approval Process:
    • Your Handshake request will be forwarded to your department for approval within a week of submission.
    • Once approved, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a permission number needed for you to enroll in CSCE 4920.
    • **INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: After you enroll in the course, you should take your CPT forms to the UNT International Office for processing.
  8. Register and pay for the course through the usual registration process.  Caution: As with any course, failure to make payment in accordance with the Registrar’s deadlines will result in you being dropped from the class.
  9. ** NOTE That credit cannot be assigned retroactively for past work experience. **