CSCE Undergraduate Game Programming Certificate

The Laboratory for Recreational Computing was established in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at the University of North Texas by Ian Parberry in 1993. We offer classes in game programming leading to the Certificate in Game Programming, and the degrees of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, Master of Science, and Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science & Engineering. LARC has a strong group of alumni in the game industry and a history of cutting edge research in game programming and procedural content generation by students in the Game Development Research Group. In 2010 LARC was named in the top 50 out of 500 game design programs in North America by the Princeton Review and Game Programmer Magazine.


Ian Parberry

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Instructions for receiving a certificate:

  1. Students that want to receive this certificate should complete ALL requirements for a major in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Information Technology.
  2. Courses (Must have obtained a grade of C or better):
  3. Complete the Application Form for the Gaming Certificate.
    PDF icon Application Form for the Game Programming Certificate
  4. Return the Application by email to Cameron Jones or in person to F201B
    • For Fall Graduation you will need to complete the form by December 1st.
    • For Spring Graduation you will need to complete the form by April 15th.
    • This form is subject to verification.
    • Final processing is completed by UNT Registrar and can result in a delay.