Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering


The mission of the B.S. in Computer Engineering is to provide an educational program that is high quality, academically challenging and career-enriching by maintaining a balance between theoretical and experimental aspects of computer engineering, as well as a core competency in the fundamental aspects of an engineering-oriented paradigm. The degree further seeks to provide curricula that serve the citizens and industrial organizations in the United States and Texas in general and those in North Texas in particular.

The B. S. in Computer Engineering has been ABET-accredited since 2006 and educates students about engineering computer software to interact with computer systems and hardware components.

BS in CE ABET Accredited


Suggested 4-year curriculum plan for B.S. in Computer Engineering can be found on page(s) 17-20 of the COE Undergraduate Academic Guidebook

This curriculum plan guides new students on which courses to take for each semester throughout their undergraduate studies spread out through the typical 4-year period.