CSCE Undergraduate Cybersecurity Certificate

Note: This is referred to as the 'Security Certificate' in the UNT Undergraduate Catalog.

The UNT Center for Information and Cyber Security (CICS) has been designated by the National Security Agency (NSA) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as a National Center of Academic Excellence (CAE) in Cyber Defense Education (CAE-CDE) and Research (CAE-R). As part of the CAE-CDE designation, the NSA and DHS have designated CICS to issue cybersecurity certificates. These certificates will contain the NSA and DHS logos. 


Ram Dantu

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Instructions for receiving a certificate: 

  1. Students that want to receive this certificate should complete ALL requirements for a major in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Information Technology.
  2. Courses (Must have obtained a grade of C or better):

3. For the NSA security certificates designated by the National Security Agency and Department of Homeland Security, please complete the form:

Once completed, please send form to Evin Shivers ( for grade verification.

4. For the UNT security certificate that will appear on UNT transcripts, reach out to your designated College of Engineering undergraduate advisor.