Grade Appeals

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The Grade Appeals committee handles the appeal of a final course grade and not the grades of any individual course assignments. 

Any non-curricular issues or complaints should be directed to the Dean of Students office.

Should your grade appeal be based on discrimination or harassment, this should be directed to the Office of Equal Opportunity

If a low grade is the result of an academic integrity violation (e.g. cheating, plagiarism, etc), the appropriate process is an Appeal of Academic Integrity.

Understanding the academic organizational structure and appropriate Chain of Command is important when resolving class-related issues. When you need problems resolved, you should start with your individual faculty member who will then help you navigate the Chain of Command shown below.

(see UNT Policy 06.040 Grade Appeals)




How does the Grade Appeal process work?



Step 1 - Instructor

Student must discuss in writing the course grade with the instructor in an attempt to resolve the issue, no later than 10 calendar days after the grade has posted. If the student does not get satisfactory resolution from the Instructor, or has not heard back from the Instructor within 72 hours, student may proceed to Step 2.

Step 2 - Department Chair

Student must initiate a formal grade appeal in writing to the department chair within five weeks (35 calendar days) of the date the grade was officially posted. The chair refers the appeal to a faculty committee within 7 calendar days of receiving the formal appeal. Send an email to to initiate the Formal Appeal. Please note, your appeal request and all attached information will be sent to the instructor as part of the appeal and review process.

Step 3 - Faculty Committee

The Faculty Committee will review the appeal and forward their recommendation to the Chair.

Step 4 - Department Chair

The department chair reviews the recommendation and notifies both student and instructor of his/her final decision to change or not change the grade. A grade appeal case should be resolved within five weeks (35 calendar days) of the chair’s receipt of the written appeal.

Step 5 - Associate Dean

If either student or instructor believes there was a procedural error in the process, that party may request reconsideration on procedural grounds by filing a written request for review to the dean within 7 calendar days of having received notice of the resolution. This request must specifically state the procedural grounds for requesting the reconsideration. If the dean determines that the procedures were followed, the dean responds in writing that the faculty committee’s determination has been upheld. The decision of the dean is final.

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs: Nandika D'Souza