Student Travel Funding

The Computer Science and Engineering Department and the College of Engineering has a limited amount of funding available for travel purposes and there is no guarantee of funding until all forms have been signed and verified for funding amounts. You will be responsible to find alternate funding sources or pay for travel yourself for any portion that is not covered by the Department or College. Additionally, if you decide to split your anticipated funding between two or more trips, there is no guarantee that funding will still be available for secondary trips. By accepting Departmental travel funds, you agree to the following:

  1. Per diem will not be paid; all meal and hotel receipts must be provided upon your return for payment consideration and amounts cannot exceed the national per diem rates. You can review allowable rates at
  2. A summary of your trip will be sent to Shelby Ancira, along with photos of your travel (have fun and take lots of photos!) for inclusion in our Newsletter
  3. Receipts, itinerary, conference program, and all other applicable documents will be turned into Shelby Ancira within 2 weeks of your return. Scanned, emailed documents are permitted.
  4. Toulouse Grad School Travel Grants will be paid directly to you, if awarded, and will be deducted from the initial voucher to prevent over-payment.

In order to apply for travel reimbursement, please complete and submit the following forms:

Travel Budget Authorization (TBA) – Fill in with all estimated expenses. Sign and have your supervisor sign.  DO NOT REGISTER FOR CONFERENCE OR SPEND ANY MONEY TOWARDS TRAVEL UNTIL YOU'VE RECEIVED FUNDING APPROVAL, WHICH REQUIRES THE ABOVE FORMS!

  • (Make sure to use the tab for Travel Budget Authorization, not the one for Travel Voucher front page)
  • ALWAYS ROUND UP AND OVER ESTIMATE YOUR EXPENSES! It's better to ask for more than not enough!
  • If you are traveling outside the US, you must register your travel with Risk Management using the link below. The confirmation of registration must be included in your travel packet when you turn it in for budget approval and signatures.

College of Engineering Travel Grant – Complete this form, attach your degree plan and confirmation of conference acceptance.

TGS Travel Grant – follow the steps outlined on this page. Please note, your advisor must complete the evaluation section and sign it.

CSE Department Faculty Evaluation

Send ALL FOUR (along with your international travel registration, if applicable) to Shelby Ancira, in one packet. we will enter the funding amounts and obtain the rest of the signatures needed.

Once all signatures are complete, she will send the Grad School completed form back to you, as it will be your responsibility to complete their application process, if applicable. If you missed the upload window for TGS, you can submit in the next open period, as long as the travel is in the same academic year.

Please note, funding for undergraduate travel is generally not available and will only be approved if there is funding available. To be considered for funding and request Departmental support, please contact Shelby Ancira.