Capstone student groups present at Fall 2023 Senior Design

OpenOffice Team (Fall 2023 Senior Design) Team: Mohammad Mari, Megan McAdams, Connor Pursell, Benjamin Strange, Camron Veazey

This past Friday, Dec. 1, both the Department of Computer Science & Department of Mechanical Engineering presented their Fall 2023 Senior Design projects. 

This semester looked different from prior "senior designs." This is in large part to the Department of Computer Science taking over the A-Wing outside of the Dean's Office. A total of 15 student groups, led by CSE faculty members, Dr. Wajdi Aljedaani & Diana Rabah, showcased their undergraduate research projects in computer science & information technology to industry partners, prospective sponsors, and fellow students in Engineering. You may find detailed descriptions of each project here.

Below are the groups who took part in the event:


a11y Upgrades


Thomas Gibbons, Ali Tayyari, Bailey Shelton, Omar Kaddura, Dang Nguyen, Grant Helms


Accessibility Text-Based Adventure by Live, Laugh & Love


Oliver Ponder, Jeremy Durflinger, Olivia Cantrell, Samrajya Prasai, Humza Khan, Shijin Guo


Aerie / My Awesome Group


Caleb Guardiola, Fatima Shibli, Yousif Al, Jared Singleton


Learning Kids (Sensory SOS) by Team Amigos

Miguel Mendez, Diego Aleman, Andy Khounnoraj


Meet in the Middle by Team DotExe

Alex Keen, Aaron Pham, Niranjan Thakur Badahi, Jonathan Badibanga


Mohammad Mari, Megan McAdams, Connor Pursell, Benjamin Strange, Camron Veazey

Parking Availability App by Team Bro Code

Anuj Gajmer, Austin Haddock, Nicolas Hidalgo Rotunno, Nathan Kevil, Habib Ojoye, Violett Tidwell

Portal to Support Accessibility Research & Participant Recruitment by The Backup Team

Carlos Diaz, Connor Knox, Geary Erua, Jeremy Tollison, Sri Bandakunta

Portal to Support Accessibility Research Team

Minh Hein Luong, Ngoc Yen Nhi Ha, Leslie Cruz, Sienna Newby-Sanchez

Shape Shift

Gilbert Martinez, Jeremy Groce, Jon Parker, Diego Suarez


Josh Wilson, Percy Tizio, Samantha Fisher

Team Alpha (UNT Professional Leadership Program)

Peter Dyer, Alejandro Garcia, Kameron Gulley, Alexander Seneca

UNT Canteen by Team 7

Karan Budhathoki, Manoj Gurung, Julian Mendoza, Long Phuoc Tran

Trading Card Manager by Team 10

Jonathan Santhosh, Aaron Geist, Brett Lo, Shreya Nellutla, Isaac McPherson

UNT Rides by The Capstonians

Rohit Shaw, Janie Arianna Reyna, Edwin Soto-Villela, Beion Poly
























Congratulations to our capstone students on making this Fall 2023 Senior Design a huge success!

The Capstone Program in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering provides students with an opportunity to interact with industry partners to define, design, build and deploy real-world systems. The department provides a two-semester capstone experience in each of our three undergraduate major programs. These experiences integrate all of the technical knowledge and skills from their courses and internships, as well as providing valuable experience in team-building, project management, oral and written communications, and problem solving.

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