History Channel Show Features UNT Computer Science Faculty Member

UNT faculty member on History Channel
The “Code Team” left to right: Ryan Garlick, Sujith Ravi, Kevin Knight and Craig Bauer. Dave Oranchak is out of the frame in this picture.

Tune in to the History Channel starting Tuesday, November 14th at 9PM to watch a 5 part series on the infamous Zodiac serial killer and the various coded messages he sent to newspapers in the San Francisco Bay Area. Follow the code team as they dig into clues in the ciphers while working together with seasoned field investigators Sal LaBarbera and Ken Mains, as they chase the many clues in the Zodiac case.
The “Code Team” was led by University of Southern California research director and computer science professor Kevin Knight and included University of North Texas computer science professor Ryan Garlick, Google staff research scientist Sujith Ravi, York University math and cryptology professor Craig Bauer, and Zodiac cipher expert David Oranchak. 
Watch the trailer for The Hunt for the Zodiac Killer here.