Departmental Staff

Diana Bergeman

Administrative Coordinator

Diana is the Administrative Assistant to the Chair. Her duties also include payroll, purchasing, the department budget, and anything else that might fall through the cracks.

Melanie Dewey

Administrative Specialist

Melanie Dewey is the Graduate Administrative Assistant for the department. If you are a graduate student or a potential graduate student, you may contact me with any questions that you may have regarding our Master’s and PhD programs. You may review the status of your application by using the portal - log in and you will find out information about your status and the checklist detail for International Admissions.

Meagan Fox-Hunter

Administrative Specialist

Meagan is the Undergraduate Administrative Assistant for the CSE Department. She will answer the questions of undergraduate students. She also takes care of the Security and Gaming Certificates and helps our Associate Chair Dr. Armin Mikler organize the class schedules of the department.

Matt Kernan

System Administrator

Matt is the system administrator for the department, handling all IT-related "stuff". He came on board in February 2006 after finishing his undergraduate degree in Computer Science. He manages the department's workstations and Linux servers, including the 'CSE machines', as well as the department's eSupport website.