Frequently Asked Questions

This page is designed to answer the most commonly asked questions about the graduate program in Computer Sciences and Engineering at the University of North Texas. It is supplied as helpful material, and while every effort has been made to ensure that this information is current it should not be considered official information. See below for instructions on how to obtain more information.

  • Can you help me with visa/I-20/immigration questions?

    Questions along these lines should be directed to our office of UNT-International at

  • Can you look over my test scores/grades/etc. (or a "preapplication") to see if I would be accepted?

    Your application cannot be evaluated until it is officially received by the University. The answer to "What qualifications are expected of applicants?" should give you a good idea of whether or not you meet the requirements for admission.

  • How do I apply for financial support?

    Teaching Assistantship Application forms for support are available from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. To receive highest priority consideration, applications for the Fall semester must be received by January 15th, and applications for the Spring semester must be received by September 15th. You may obtain the application form by any of the electronic means described at the beginning of this document, by going to Teaching Assistant Application, or by writing to the following address:

    Department of Computer Science and Engineering
    Attn: Graduate Secretary
    University of North Texas
    1155 Union Circle, #311366
    Denton, TX 76203-1366

    There are also scholarships and other forms of financial support available. Information on support from sources outside the Computer Science and Engineering Department may be obtained from the Financial Aid Office, the Scholarship Office, or the School of Graduate Studies.

  • How do I find out the status of my application?

    Please check the status of your application at This is the most current information on your application. It will list any pending information needed.

    Due to the large volume of applications received to the department we do not pre-review applications via e mail. Applications are processed through the international office (if you are not a US citizen), forwarded to the Graduate School and then forwarded to the department if they meet all the previous departments' requirements. If it states that the application has been forwarded to the department it is in committee to be reviewed. Once a decision has been made it will be posted and reflect on

    Calling or writing the department will NOT speed the process. The department will not give you a time frame on when a decision will be made. The department will contact applicants at the e mail listed on the application if more information is needed. The department is aware of the appointments that international students make in their countries to receive the proper documentation to attend UNT. This is why the deadlines for applications are January 15th for Fall Semester and September 15th for Spring Semester. Due to the constant change in international law international students need to direct ALL international, I20, and/or VISA questions to the UNT-International at The CSE department will NOT advise or answer these questions. Information about an applicant will NOT be given out via telephone.

  • How do I get more information, or an application form?

    There are many ways to get applications and more information.

    University information, including applications, can be found by visiting the main UNT Web site at Information about the Department of Computer Science and Engineering can be obtained from the department web page at

    For information about our graduate programs and how to apply, visit future graduate students page.

  • Is it possible to obtain a graduate degree while I work during the day?

    Yes! When possible, our classes are scheduled on a rotating basis so that during any two year period every regularly-offered class is scheduled at night some time during that period. Most classes are offered once per year, where the scheduling switches between daytime scheduling and nighttime scheduling on alternate years. To see current course offerings, check with the Department of Computer Science and Engineering for a current schedule of classes.

  • What are the application deadlines?

    Applications are sent to the International Admissions Office or the Graduate Admissions Office and when complete they are forwarded to the Computer Science and Engineering Department. Your application must reach our department by the following deadlines, so please plan on getting all of your materials to the UNT admissions office one month prior to the following dates:

    PhD Application for Spring semester: September 15th
    PhD Application for Fall semester: February 15th

    (Note that if you are applying for Fall admission and for an assistantship, both your application and separate teaching assistantship application must be received by February 15th.)

  • What opportunities are there for financial support?

    Opportunities for financial support at UNT are good for our best students, but are very competitive. The department typically supports around 35 students. To be eligible for financial support, students must have completed any required undergraduate leveling courses and be taking graduate courses. English language testing is required of all international students supported by a departmental assistantship, and for teaching positions students must be English language certified. This is not the same as the University test for English proficiency.

    Please keep in mind that application for financial support is competitive, and while we support a substantial number of students, the number of applications we get for assistantships is many times the number we can award. More than two-thirds of our students never receive assistantships and must support their own studies, so you should not begin in our program with the assumption that you will receive some sort of assistantship. The top applicants are selected, and so it is impossible to give minimum requirements or to make decisions before all applications have been received. Individual professors have research grants and may need Research Assistants; however, students would need to contact the professors directly in order to apply for Research Assistant financial support.

  • What qualifications are expected of applicants?

    All applicants are required to submit official GRE scores, official transcripts from previous studies, and international applicants with no prior U.S. degree must submit official TOEFL scores (submitted with the application sent to one of the addresses above). Applicants to the Ph.D. program must also submit three letters of recommendation, and a Statement of Purpose.

    We also like applicants to have a solid background in undergraduate-level Computer Science or Computer Engineering, although leveling courses are available for Masters applicants with undergraduate degrees in other areas. While we accept students with undergraduate majors other than Computer Science or Computer Engineering, we are extremely selective in such cases.