Recent Doctoral Graduates

Postdoctoral students


  • Chen-Yu Lee (2013-2015)

Current Position: NOAA

Research Conducted: Ontologies for privacy and security

  • Litong Song (2002-2004)

Mediatek, San Diego, CA

Research Conducted: Compiler optimizations for SDF

  • Roberto Giorgi (1999-2001)

Current Position: Department of Information Engineering, University of Siena, Siena, Italy

Research Conducted: Evaluation of SDF architecture

  • Hong-Shik Kim (1998-2000)

Current Position: Department of CSE, Chungnam National University, Daejeon, Korea

Research conducted: Decoupled Multithreaded Architectures, SDF simulator


Doctoral students

  • Fernando Ferrandiz Mosquera, Graduation Date: May 2024

Dissertation Title: A Study of Mitigation Methods for Speculative Cache Side-Channel Attacks

Current Position: University of North Texas

  • Rohit Yanambaka Venkata, Graduation Date: December 2021

Dissertation Title: Simon: A Domain-Agnostic Framework For Secure Design And Validation Of Cyber Physical Systems

Current Position: Nokia Bell Labs, New Providence, NJ

  • Shashank Adavally, Graduation Date: Aug 2021

Dissertation Title: Improving Memory Performance For Both High Performance Computing And Embedded/Edge Computing Systems

Current Position: Micron Technologies, Austin, TX

  • Mahzabeen Islam, Graduation Date: May 2019

Dissertation Title: Memory organizations for 3D DRAM and PCM systems

Current Position: AMD Research

  • Marko Scrbak, Graduation Date: May 2019

Dissertation Title: Energy models for 3D DRAM and PCM systems

Current Position: AMD-Research

  • Patrick Kamongi, Graduation Date: December 2018

Dissertation Title: Ontology-based security threat assessment and mitigation for cloud systems

Current Position: Sodigm, Sacramento, CA

  • Charles F. Shelor, Graduation Date: August 2018

Dissertation title: Dataflow processing in memory achieves significant energy efficiency

Current Position: Consultant

  • Srujan Das Kotikela, Graduation Date: August 2018

Dissertation Title: Secure and trusted framework for virtualized workloads

Current Position: Texas A&M at Commerce, Texas

  • Chia-En (Paul) Lin, Graduation Date: May 2014

Dissertation Title: Performance engineering of software web services and distributed software systems

Current Position: McDaniel College, MD

  • Tomislav Janjusic, Graduation Date: August 2013

Dissertation Title: A framework for evaluating dynamic memory allocators, including a new equivalence class based allocator

Current Position: NVIDIA, Austin, TX

  • Wentong Li, Graduation Date: December 2007

Dissertation Title: High Performance Architecture using Speculative threads and dynamic memory management hardware

Current Position: Airebroker, Inc (previously at Yahoo, Admovate, Turn Inc)

  • Afrin Naz, Graduation Date: August 2007

Dissertation Title: Split Data Caches

Current Position: Associate Professor, Dept. of Computer Science, West Virginia University

  • Wenming Li, Graduation Date: August 2006

Dissertation Title: Group-EDF - a new approach and an efficient non-preemptive algorithm for soft real-time systems

Current Position: Principal Software Engineer, At&,T, Plano, Texas

  • Mehran Rezaei, Graduation Date: May 2004

Dissertation Title: Intelligent memory manager: Towards improving the locality behavior of allocation intensive applications.

Current Position: Associate Professor, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran

  • Dejan Raskovic (co-Advisor with Dr. Emil Jovanov). Graduation Date: Aug. 2003

Dissertation Title: Personal Wireless Network for Medical Sensors

Current Position: Assoc. Professor, Dept. of ECE, University of Alaska - Fairbanks

  • Mohamed Aborizka, Graduation Date: May 2002

Dissertation Title: A Framework for the Specification, Modeling and Analysis of Agent-Oriented Real-Time Intelligent Software Systems

Current Position: Dean of College of Computing and Information Technology, Arab Academy for Sciences, Technology and Maritime Transport, Cairo, Egypt

  • Joseph Arul, Graduation Date: Aug. 2001

Dissertation Title: Design, Implementation and Evaluation of the Scheduled Dataflow Architecture

Current Position: Associate Professor, Computer Science, Fu Jen Catholic University, Taipei, Taiwan

  • Frederick T. Sheldon. Graduation Date: May. 1996

Scientist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN

Dissertation Title: Specification and analysis of stochastic properties for concurrent systems expressed using CSP.

Current Position: Professor, University of Idaho

  • T. Makphaibulchoke, Graduation Date: May 1992

Dissertation Title: DISTIL: A specification, design and implementation language for reliable distributed computing

Current Position: Hewlett-Packard, Ft. Collins, Co

  • Akshay K. Deshpande, Graduation Date: Aug. 1990

Dissertation Title: A framework and a proof system for concurrent processes

Current Position: (diseased)

  • Deng-Jyi Chen, Graduation Date: May 1988

Dissertation Title: Stochastic dataflow graph models for reliability analysis of communication networks and computer systems.

Current Position: Diseased

  •  Edward Walter Banios, Graduation Date: December 1986

Dissertation Title: A conceptual model for inter-process message passing

Current Position: Diseased