Alumni Focus on Pamela Taylor

In 1959 at the end of my senior year in high school, I heard a speaker during career day talk about how a woman had designed the bridge that arched over I-30 southwest of downtown Dallas.  That was when I decided I wanted to become an engineer and design bridges.

Pershwitz Photo
Alumni Focus on Edward Pershwitz

My story begins in the summer of 1991 when my family and I were new immigrants from Russia trying to adjust to a new life, learn English, and get settled in Boston, MA — our first destination in the United States.

Dushyant Vipradas and Siri Yenigalla family photo
Alumni Focus on Dushyant Vipradas and Siri Yenigalla

Dushyant Vipradas and Siri Yenigalla were both master’s students in the Computer Engineering program from 2006-2007. They met at UNT in Denton and they have a lot of fond memories here.

Paul Tidwell photo
Alumni Focus on Paul Tidwell

I started at UNT in 1985. I have fond memories of working in the computer lab, wearing a red vest to identify me as hired help, and helping students who just had to get through CS 101 to meet their degree requirement.

Naveen Kakani photo
Alumni Focus on Naveen Kakani

Naveen Kumar Kakani (2000, Ph.D. Computer Science) has been pioneering advances in Wireless Communication area for over close to two decades now. His key contributions to the connectivity of Mobile Devices allowed for both, reduced power consumption, and cost for communication when using the Mobile Devices.